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Hi, I’m Darin. I’ve been working as a consultant to Dartmouth College for three years now. During that time I’ve been involved in developing and launching 10 different leadership programs and workshops for a variety of groups of students and professionals. Here is a case study list of the programs that I’ve done. I’ve got a book on leadership programs coming out that helps people grow their leadership programs. Dartmouth is a place that is really “rooting down and branching out” with leadership development. They are continuously and rapidly developing and launching relevant new programs and the programs that they offer are well attended and they reload these programs each quarter. They are a campus that is willing branch out by trying innovative new programs…such as the “Create your Path” series we launched recently.

Workshops for Students:

1. Tools & Techniques for Facilitating Groups

Create your Path: Reflecting and Strategizing for Professional Growth
2. Connecting, Relating, & Preparing
3. Reflecting, Meaning Making, & Story Creating
4. Envisioning, Questioning, and Ideating
5. Deciding, Strategizing, and Acting

6. Developing and Uniting around a Shared Vision

7. Creating & Communicating Concepts that Stick!
Workshops for Staff:

8. The Sidewalk Speech: Innovative Communicating & Networking

9. Activities, Tips, & Tools for Generating and Developing Innovative Ideas

10. Best Practices for Leadership Educators

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