Course Workshop 6: Innovative Idea Generation

Innovative Idea Generation

Workshop 6: Endless Sources of Ideas


In this module, you will learn that ideas are a continuous source of energy for innovation. You will practice generating new ideas using different techniques.

Activity – You will:

  • Think openly and methodically about moving from question to ideation.
  • Learn a more creative method for generating ideas.
  • Involve the people in your organization to help you develop more ideas.

Product – You will create & develop:

  • Ideas from key buckets.
  • A list of ideas through Image Object and Word Association.

Outcome – You will learn how to:

  • Use ideas as an unlimited source for greater innovation.
  • Make your vision of the future come true through a systematic process.

Included Workshops:
Workshop 1: The Innovation Process
Workshop 2: Innovation Skills
Workshop 3: Your Innovation Challenge
Workshop 4: Innovation Questions for Idea Capture
Workshop 5: Structured Ideation
Workshop 6: Innovative Idea Generation
Workshop 7: Idea Analysis & Synthesis
Workshop 8: Concept Development
Workshop 9: Test and Select
Workshop 10: Communicate and Advance

This workshop is part of Program Innovation, an online video workshop program on innovation for higher education professionals. This program can also be taken in person, individually, or through a license with your organization. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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