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Welcome to Program Innovation! Below, you will find the first workshop module, a video clip from a live event, and information on how to implement this program within your organization. Email me at [email protected] to discuss customizing and launching an innovation initiative within your organization.

Module 1 of 10: The Innovation Process
Innovation isn’t creativity…or just coming up with novel ideas. Innovation is taking those new and creative ideas and successfully implementing them for a positive effect. This first workshop video will help you understand the innovation process so that you can work on a challenge important to you and your organization. You will focus on your “innovation for what” and be prepared to systematically develop new ideas that can have a positive impact when you launch them. You will begin by visualizing a positive image of the future so you can respond to change with innovation.

Download Module 1 Activity Sheet PDFs.

Want to access the rest of the program or bring it to your group? Email me at [email protected], and we can develop a customized program together.

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Included Workshops

Workshop 1: The Innovation Process
Workshop 2: Innovation Skills
Workshop 3: Your Innovation Challenge
Workshop 4: Innovation Questions for Idea Capture
Workshop 5: Structured Ideation
Workshop 6: Innovative Idea Generation
Workshop 7: Idea Analysis & Synthesis
Workshop 8: Concept Development
Workshop 9: Test and Select
Workshop 10: Communicate and Advance

Why this innovation leadership development program?

  • Experience – I’ve been developing leadership programs for 10+ years, helping organizations learn and practice innovation. I am also the author of “Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices For Leadership Development Programs.”
  • Action – Take action to produce tangible leadership results by taking on an actual innovation challenge within your group. Systematically develop ideas you need.
  • Flexibility – Program Innovation is custom tailored to suit your needs. Since it is online video workshop based, students or staff can participate when and where they want and you can build live events and coaching into the program.
  • Proven Success – Career-focused individuals will learn the same innovation processes I’ve taught and facilitated at Dartmouth, UW-Madison and other successful organizations.
  • Value – Generate and develop new ideas that can save money and resources through this value-focused program. See a return on investment via new programs, products, marketing and skills.

Live Events and Coaching:
Optionally, I can kick off the video program in person with a high energy, interactive speaking event. I can also facilitate live collaborative events that interface with the video program. Here is a clip from an activity called “Bounce” that allows people to rapidly communicate and develop their concepts generated during the program. This is a good live event to do at the end of the program for the whole organization or group.

Darin Eich is the author of “Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices For Leadership Development Programs.” Download a sample .pdf of the book here.

Contact Darin at [email protected] to learn how you can launch an innovative program within your organization. Network with Darin at the sites below.

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