Association of Leadership Educators 2011 Conference

Conferences for leadership educators have been growing the past 10 years . There is ILA, NLS, LEI, and ALE. The 2011 ALE conference is happening in Denver July 10-13. Here is some of the pertinent information for leadership educators from the ALE website.

The Association of Leadership Educators is proud to invite you to the 2011 Annual Conference and Meeting to be held in Denver, Colorado. This year’s theme, Reaching New Heights in Leadership Education, is designed to bring new ideas, challenge perspectives and facilitate the growth of our conference participants by providing new ways to be a catalyst for leadership development!

This year we are excited to bring our conference participants a diverse experience with many opportunities to present and engage in leadership education scholarship. The Request for Proposals has six different categories for submission: Research Papers, Practice Papers, Roundtables, General Posters, Symposium for Emerging Research Posters, and Educators Showcase.

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