Flexible Program Design to Accommodate Student Interests

Flexible Program Design to Accommodate Student Interests

The data indicates that student choice in the program was important for students in driving their own development. Quality leadership programs provided choices of significant components such as specializations or selection in project topic session to attend. This power of choice allows students to take ownership of their own learning and focus more on their passion.

Actions. Stakeholders enact flexible program design to accommodate student interests in three major actions. First, programs consist of a variety of themes, service sites, group & individual project choices, and team memberships to allow students to choose their leadership context and skills to develop. Second, programs incorporate a wide variety of delivery methods to appeal to different student learning styles. Third, programs integrate the various components students can choose into a common, coherent, larger whole curriculum that students experience in unique ways.

Effects on students. Two outcomes are correlated with flexible program design to accommodate student interests. First, students build a leadership skill tool belt through relevant and salient curriculum that allows choice for them to develop practical skills. Second, students explore interests and clarify their conception of leadership by viewing leadership from the lenses of multiple contexts and viewpoints on leadership.

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