Group Innovation Program

Welcome to Program Innovation – a collaborative process designed to facilitate groups and institutions through the innovation process by systematically tackling a real challenge relevant to you.  Below, you will find examples of the step-by-step process used in Program Innovation, as well as a selection of the innovation skills we will focus on learning and developing.  At the bottom of the page, you will find contact information and an opportunity to sign up for a full free module from the program.

The step-by-step process:

Innovation skills:

Included Modules:
Module 1: The Innovation Process
Module 2: Innovation Skills
Module 3: Your Innovation Challenge
Module 4: Innovation Questions for Idea Capture
Module 5: Structured Ideation
Module 6: Innovative Idea Generation
Module 7: Idea Analysis & Synthesis
Module 8: Concept Development
Module 9: Test and Select
Module 10: Communicate and Advance

Sign up here for complimentary access to the first module of the Innovation Program.

Contact [email protected] for more information about customizing and structuring your own program. We can share ideas for delivery options and live events to deepen the effect in helping people learn and do innovation for their challenge.

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