Student Leadership Retreats: Research-based Best Practices Online Seminar

I’ll be doing another online seminar with Student
Affairs Leader on January 29th. The one I did in the Fall was about
high quality leadership programs and this upcoming one will focus on
leadership retreats. Here is the description they created about the
seminar. I’m looking forward to digging deeper on a favorite topic:

Leadership Retreats: Research-based Best Practices

Featured Higher Education Presenter:
Darin Eich, Ph.D.

Are you looking for ways to create more effective student
leadership retreats?

and conferences that are student-centered and facilitated have been shown
by research to help students develop as leaders. At these conferences,
students create and facilitate activities themselves and as a result come
away with positive learning and leadership development experiences.

of the benefits of supporting your students in directly facilitating their
learning at a retreat—as opposed to having them learn through
lectures or other teacher-centered formats—is that you can spend more
time evaluating the impact of their learning both at the conferences and on
campus afterward.

you can learn firsthand how to achieve more effective and meaningful
student leadership retreats by attending our new online learning seminar on
January 29. Led by Dr. Darin Eich, Student Leadership Retreats: Research-Based Best
will give you helpful tips,
resources and success stories for creating and facilitating a quality
student leadership conference.

Eich is a nationally renowned authority on college student leadership
experiences. During this insightful, information-packed 90-minute seminar,
he will:

Provide you with ideas for creating a new retreat or enhancing an existing
• Show you how to structure a conference that emphasizes learning and
• Discuss how to facilitate a retreat without lectures while getting
better results.
• Demonstrate how to implement successful conference activities.
• Connect retreat practices with research on student leadership
• Help you understand different characteristics of successful
• Explain how to improve retreat assessment and planning.

addition, during the seminar,
Dr. Eich will show you how to create a variety of potential activities to
use with students. As a result, you will actually spend time at this
seminar on developing activities that you can use for a future conference.

this live, interactive
, you will also have a chance to ask questions and to
get responses directly from Dr. Eich, whose research shows that retreats
that offer students positive, engaging activities and practices succeed in
attaining desired learning and leadership development outcomes.

is a great opportunity to learn from an expert on student leadership
development, as Dr. Eich currently consults with colleges across the
country on developing and facilitating innovative, high-quality student
leadership programs and conferences. Join us and
get the research-based knowledge and practical insights that you need to:

Create a new retreat or strengthen an existing one.
• Structure a conference that emphasizes learning and relationships.
• Get better results without using lectures.
• Implement retreat activities successfully.
• Improve conference assessment and planning.

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