Students Apply Leadership Concepts to Themselves in Meetings

Students Apply Leadership Concepts to Themselves in Meetings

Student learning and leadership development can happen everywhere, but the meetings of the program are a special space for a coherent development effort to occur. High quality programs utilize simulations, assessment, and a wide variety of activities to engage different students and their learning styles in leadership development. The meetings where students were physically together as a learning community offered ample opportunity for the students to apply the leadership concepts they were learning to themselves through a variety of activities.

Actions. Students apply leadership concepts to themselves in meetings attribute is brought into practice through two ways. First, programs engage students in a variety of curricular activities designed to help them gain a greater understanding of themselves, including personality, strengths, style, skills, and values assessments. Second, programs engage students in simulations to give them practice with specific leadership skills, including strategic planning, ethics, and decision making.

Effects on students. There are two effects of students apply leadership concepts to themselves in meetings. First, students identify their own personality, leadership style, strengths, and opportunities for improvement through self analysis. Second, students develop self confidence, preparation, specific skills and gain rapid experience through simulations.

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