Students Engage in Self Discovery through Retreats

Students Engage in Self Discovery through Retreats

One other attribute of high quality leadership programs involves a retreat component to accelerate student self-discovery. Sometimes the whole program was a retreat, while in other programs it was a component. The retreats are opportunities for the students to journey inward.

Actions. Students engage in self-discovery through retreats through two actions which animate this attribute. First, programs bring groups of students away from the routine of the campus for an accelerated and in depth exploration of themselves, their fellow participants and leadership. Second, programs use alternative, group based, and experiential teaching methods such as a ropes courses, challenges, or intense exploration into a particular theme or issue.

Effects on students. Participants are affected by students engage in self discovery in a principal manner. Students renew, gain motivation, and reorganize themselves at a higher level of leadership development through stepping back and digging deeper to explore inward.

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