Twitter & blogging the practices, attributes, actions and outcomes of high quality leadership programs

On this ProgramInnovation blog and on my Twitter page I will be trying something new. This will be a a new kind of learning experience or a new way to share research. I’ve  done a few articles, and am finishing a book on high quality leadership programs but thought I would try to use social media to share the key findings that could help people create, develop, and facilitate high quality leadership programs. In the grounded theory model of high quality leadership programs I created from my research, there are 3 clusters of best practices which contain a total of 16 attributes which are enacted by 40 actions and relate to impacting 34 outcomes. Over the course of the upcoming weeks I will blog about each attribute and it’s actions and outcomes and will also share the core information on twitter. So if you tune in you should be able to learn some tips for creating or enhancing your leadership program. Perhaps one of the attributes or actions will validate something you are doing or perhaps you will gain a new idea for something to integrate into your leadership program. For more information on the study that produced these findings see the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies article:
Eich, D. (2008). A Grounded Theory of High-Quality Leadership Programs: Perspectives From Student Leadership Development Programs in Higher Education. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 15(2), 176-187.

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